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Aria said that Interscope had given up on the group. Paradiso Girls as I know of it is STILL A GROUP!!!!! The girl group are seen performing at the event before heading off to party.YES we are all working on other projects and working…towards the future, but we are still a group!!!! Update: Footage at You Tube has since been removed. However, due to their unique musical influences and having no lead singer, they are branded as the "modern" version of the Spice Girls.After meeting French singer, former Star Academy yoga teacher, Aria Crescendo, Jimmy Iovine, owner of Interscope Records, decided to create a new girl group.After two years of production, the group finally released its first official single, "Patron Tequila" featuring Eve and Lil' Jon on i Tunes on April 14, 2009.

She was a member of Pussycat Dolls' European spin-off group The Paradiso Girls.

Throughout the competition, Korka was seen as the underdog due to her lack of dance training but as a finalist, Korka made it far in the competition, having made it to the top three with Melissa Reyes and Asia Nitollano.

Although her singing skills impressed the judges, it took her some time before she could bring her dancing abilities at par with the other finalists.

Following the poor performance of the second single, numerous rumors of them disbanding began to circulate in the internet after some members began to remove the word “Paradiso” from their Twitter names but however band member Shar Mae Amor stated in an interview on UStream that the group was preparing for a third single while Lauren Bennett stated that the album is already finished and that the groups are just waiting for their record label to set a release date.

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However, Interscope Records did not release an official statement explaining the status of the group.

Each girl represents a country and the group has no lead singer, unlike the Pussycat Dolls.