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13-Aug-2017 16:54

Before we get into the specifics about each company, it’s important to note that Seiko, Citizen, and Orient are all also known for their production of in-house movements.

As many of us already know, this super special feature further sets Japanese apart from Swiss watches, as the majority of Swiss companies continue to use outsourced, ETA movements in their watches.

Seiko's many design innovations include the world's first quartz watch, the world's first LCD quartz watch with six digit display, and the world's first intelligent analog quartz watch with alarm and timer function.

In 1992, with the introduction of the Kinetic design, once again Seiko rewrote the state of the art.

Japan’s 3 major watch companies include (biggest to smallest): Seiko, Citizen, and Orient.

Though Seiko is the oldest, largest, and perhaps most popular of the 3, each of these companies has their own niche (which we’ll discuss in the following sections) that has allowed each to find its own success.

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The quartz and auto-quartz movements have an electrical circuit and require a battery to run but may also have some mechanical parts.

Get information on how to send a watch or clock to us for service, approve repair estimates, and check the repair status as well.

We naturally focus most of our attention on Orient Watches, but today, let’s learn a bit more about Japan’s big 3 watch companies: Seiko, Citizen, and Orient. Japanese watches are known for their efficient designs and high functionality at a low cost.

Acts like a brake, taking the energy transmitted from the mainspring through the gear train and pushing it out into equal, regular parts.

Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer IWC Breitling Rotary Longines Piaget Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer Rotary Longines Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Gold Pocket Silver Pocket Clocks Diamond Rings Rings Over 100 Rings Under 100watch, the company was actually founded 43 years earlier by a clockmaker in Tokyo's Ginza District.

Introduction of world's first very-fine adjusted ultra-accurate Twin Quartz watch, with less than five seconds deviation per year.1988Introduction of quartz watch with sweep second hand.