Grand theft auto iv dating tips

10-Dec-2017 13:46

Niko can date five different girls throughout the game.

Michelle and Kate are girls that he meets while the story is in process, and the other three he meets through contacting them on the internet.

Dial COP-555-0150 (267-555-0150) to add a star to Niko's wanted level if it's all proving just a bit too easy for your criminal mastermind.

Dial FLY-555-0100 (359-555-0100) to spawn a police helicopter.

Dial HOT-555-0100 (468-555-0100) to change the weather in Liberty City.

You can also call up a map that reveals the location of all weapons, health bonuses, armour, vehicles, stunt ramps, entertainment joints and pigeons.

The relationship aspect of Grand Theft Auto IV is perhaps one of the most nebulous areas of this epic game.

Like in GTA San Andreas, two of the girlfriends are introduced during the storyline.

There are two females in the game you must date—Mallorie's 'friend' Michelle and the O'Reary boys' sister Kate—but other than that, dating is completely optional.

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