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Towards that end, residents within the South Meadows real estate market can avail themselves of such big-box stores including Kohl’s and an area Wal-Mart.

Additionally, small boutique shops pepper the neighborhood and can be found at nearby plazas like Double R Gallery, South Towne Crossing, The Summit Mall, and Village at Double Diamond for a host of eateries, galleries, and great places to grab a quick drink.

Casey: And also I think we are just really random—kind of a whirlwind. Jason: For me the best part of filming has nothing to do with the house.

Jason and I were doing long distance between Brooklyn and DC and the fact that we got on a TV show was kind of insane, but the longer that I’ve been with Jason, I realize I should never doubt these random things that he comes up with and we do together. They captured Casey and me in so many places in Buffalo and when you watch our episode, we’re doing what we normally do.

And so we kind of decided on a whim to apply and we had one day before the deadline to film our audition video.

We thought it would be a fun way to document our move here and show a younger, more positive side of Buffalo.

They didn't intend [for] this, obviously, to happen,' the family friend said.

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And you romantic types will love the letter Martina writes to her partner Toni on the inside cover.I saw a sign for "Eric Hunter" for Mayor yesterday. If you choose not to vote for the Mayor that's fine at least you aren't being fooled by Hunter and his lies.